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If you would wish to work with our team committed to transforming livelihoods and safeguarding the biodiversity of the Taita-Tsavo landscape, keep your eyes peeled on this page for our open positions.

Request for Proposals-TOR Management Plan

Taita Ranching company invites qualified individuals/organization to submit technical and financial proposal for the development of the management plan for Taita Ranch conservancy.

Strategic Plan Development TOR

The main objective of the consultancy is to assist TTWCA through a participatory process involving staff, board members, Council and partners of TTWCA to review the ongoing strategic plan and develop a five -year strategic plan (2022-2027).

Fundraising & Sustainability Plan TOR

The activity will develop a Fundraising and Sustainability Plan that will guide activities aimed at ensuring long-term funding and resource mobilization to support activities of TTWCA.

Cartographer TOR

Carry out a mapping exercise of the tourist facilities (lodges, hotels, camps and picnic sites), scenic attractions ( hills, rocky outcrops, forests and natural features), water ponds that attract wildlife, water bodies (lakes, rivers, streams and dams), museums, cultural sites and World War sites.

Biodiversity Inventory TOR

TTWCA is interested in undertaking a biodiversity inventory assessment and subsequently developing wildlife management plans for the targeted ranches. Thus this process being part of compliance with requirements of registering a conservancy. The targeted ranches are members of the TTWCA as mentioned above. Currently these ranches are practicing livestock keeping as their main land use

Annual Report 2020 TOR

This is the inaugural report of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservation Association report , a cluster of conservancies within the Tsavo Region. It collectively reviews the organizations unfolds in the FY 2019/2020 as it also reveals in-depth who we are, Our mission, what makes us tick and why you could possibly connect team up an

Advocacy Strategy Development TOR

Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association (TTWCA) is an umbrella body of 33 ranches and conservancies covering about 1m acres of land which form the greater Tsavo Landscape Conservation area in Taita Taveta County. The organization supports the conservancies in holistic and sustainable natural resource management to improve livelihoods throughdevelopment of livestock enterprises, nature-based enterprises and