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Our Guiding Cs

Community and Capacity

Build the capacity of the local community to spur local development and improve livelihoods through wildlife conservation and natural resources management.

Connect and Conserve

Facilitate the conservation actors across the Tsavo landscape to network and collaborate in designing and implementing initiatives that deliver lasting environmental and socio-economic impact.


Member Conservancies and Ranches


Fostering human-wildlife coexistence

Welcome to TTWCA

Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association (TTWCA) is a membership organisation of 35 community conservancies and ranches spread across over 4,046km2 of crucial wildlife dispersal and migratory corridors for the Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks.

What We Do

Preserving and Promoting the Rich Heritage of Taita Taveta


Strengthening the leadership capacity and governance systems of our members to drive conservation efforts in Tsavo.


Conserving the admirably diverse wildlife found in the Tsavo landscape and the crucial corridors connecting Kenya’s largest national park: the Tsavo National Park.


Advancing a coordinated and collaborative land management approach to improve the productivity of the rangelands across the Tsavo ecosystem.


Supporting the local community to derive direct livelihood benefits from conservation-related enterprises across the Tsavo landscape.

The TTWCA Universe

Timeless Terrain

Looking to explore the scenic sites of the TTWCA universe? Taita Taveta conservancies and ranches has something for everyone.

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TTWCA: Supporting Livestock and Tourism Enterprises