Our Ecosystem

With its endless skies, sprawling hills, charming cloud-shadowed African Savannah and vibrant culture, the Tsavo ecosystem is not only scenic with a majestic cultural heritage but it is also one of the world’s remaining mega flora and fauna habitats with multiple endangered and endemic species listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Wide-array of wildlife

The ecosystem supports the conservation of all the members of The Big Five: lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and the African Elephant, holding one-third of Kenya’s total elephant population (approximately 12,000).

It is also home to the critically endangered Hirola (Africa’s rarest antelope), the endangered black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and African wild dog, and a crucial habitat for the pangolin (the world’s most trafficked animal). Other mammals found in the landscape include the cheetah, zebra, gazelle, impala, lesser kudu and oryx.


Explore the stunning sceneries and endless landscapes through wildlife viewing, bird watching, nature walks, sight-seeing, photography, rock climbing, hiking, cultural tours and much more in the Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association (TTWCA) landscape.