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The Marungu Hills is a community conservancy in Taita Taveta County, popular with tourists and a key migratory corridor for wildlife species like African elephants, giraffes, and buffalo. The area attracts hikers and climbers but is threatened by illegal logging, charcoal burning, poaching, and invasive species which have led to the deterioration of biodiversity and soil erosion.

This project will encourage the adoption of sustainable practices like apiculture for alternative livelihoods and the establishment of tree nurseries. 20ha of invasive cactus will be uprooted and sold for biogas. 4,000 trees will be planted over 203 acres and 1000 bamboo saplings grown as a source of income to prevent further deforestation.

It’s a project that will create one hiking trail, and restore a picnic site, a cultural meeting point, and campsites for visitors.

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