A Journey to a Resilient Future

After the success of the school outreach programs in Gideon-Mosi and Makwasinyi Primary Schools, the Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservation Association (TTWCA) conducted yet another exciting session of conservation education at Kambito Primary School in Mbololo Ward.

This initiative aims to shape the future and present of conservation by instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in the hearts of young minds.

Thanks to the support of the USAID-Kenya-funded “Sustainable Management of Amboseli and Tsavo Landscapes” project, TTWCA partnered with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to carry out this vital educational endeavor. The focus was on fostering resilient communities and ecosystems through the revival of environmental clubs in schools, ultimately leading to a generation of dedicated conservation ambassadors.

The education program designed by TTWCA is tailor-made for young learners at different stages in primary school starting from grade 3. The pupils were exposed to a variety of crucial topics, starting with understanding what wildlife really means. They delved into the diverse types of wildlife present in their region and learned about the significance of each species in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Conservancies were not left unexplored in this educational journey. The pupils discovered what conservancies are and how they contribute to preserving wildlife habitats. By learning about the different types of conservancies in Taita Taveta, the kids were inspired to take an active role in the protection and sustenance of their natural heritage.

To nurture a deeper appreciation for conservation, the pupils also tackled the challenges faced by wildlife today. They learned about the harmful impact of poaching, charcoal burning, and human-wildlife conflicts that threaten the survival of many species. Understanding the plight of endangered wildlife, the young learners embraced the responsibility to protect these vulnerable creatures and prevent their extinction.

Kambito Primary School, along with six other primary schools in Kasigau, Maungu, Sagala, Bura, and Chawia wards, are part of this transformative program. The selection of these specific wards is crucial due to the significant role their communities play in the conservation efforts within the Tsavo Conservation Area.

By empowering the students with the right education and fostering their interest in conservation, the organization aspires to create a better tomorrow—one where humans and wildlife coexist harmoniously.

As we look back at the smiling faces of the young conservationists in the making, we are filled with hope for a brighter and greener future. Indeed, the direction in which education starts, a person will determine their future life, and by doing their best today, these young students are paving the way for a sustainable and thriving world.

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