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TTWCA Bulletin Issue Five

Welcome to our fifth edition of the TTWCA Bulletin. Dive into our biannual tapestry of triumphs and transformation realized in the second half of 2023. Our journey over the past year has been a remarkable blend of community conservation and livelihood enhancement across the iconic Tsavo landscape. Click here to download your copy.

Success story; Increasing ecosystem and community resilience.

Early May this year at Iyale, Taita Taveta County, we distributed macadamia seedlings to over 70 farmers. The trees have fostered community and ecosystem resilience. It’s a process that aims to revitalize the economy, reforest the land, and enhance biodiversity—a testament to the power of grassroots initiatives in promoting resilience for people and the environment.

TTWCA Bulletin Issue Four

Welcome to our fourth edition of the TTWCA Bulletin. We reflect exciting strides made in the first half of 2023, where partnerships flourished and new projects took root. The resounding theme that echoes throughout is the continued spirit of partnerships. Click download to read through.

TTWCA Bulletin January 2023

In this third edition of the TTWCA Bulletin, we capture our highlights of the second half of 2022, whose overriding theme was the remarkable collaborations that saw us continue to place our best foot forward in our shared duty to safeguard the iconic Tsavo landscape. Click here to download your copy of the latest TTWCA

Mgeno; Grazing Plan

The Grazing Management and Action Plan for the Mgeno Wildlife Conservancy. It includes livestock grazing management, intensive rangeland restoration, haymaking, and fodder cultivation for which so far natural, native grassland is used in portions of limited zones, and wildlife management.

TTWCA Bulletin July 2022

TTWCA’s July newsletter capturing her top activities, projects and growth highlights in the first half of 2022. TTWCA remains thankful to all the stakeholders for the collective commitment in uniting the conservation efforts for improved community livelihoods across the Tsavo landscape while addressing their social, economic and environmental demands of today and future.

TTWCA Bulletin - Issue 1
TTWCA Bulletin December 2021

Welcome to issue #1 of the TTWCA Bulletin. In this edition, we bring you our top highlights of 2021. These include the steps we took together to better combat bushfires, poaching and human-wildlife conflict in the Tsavo landscape. We also look at the efforts made to enhance cooperation, and improve inclusion and livelihoods.

Status of Conservancies Taita Taveta
State Of Conservancies Report 2020

This is the first-ever state of Taita Taveta Conservancies report published. It presents the commitment of the Taita Taveta conservancies in promoting social and economic stability and a healthy environment in the greater Tsavo ecosystem.

TTWCA Annual Report 2020
TTWCA Annual Report 2020

The year 2020 was an unprecedented the world over. In this our first-ever annual report, we share how we responded to the challenges that came about due to the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. We also share the impact and lesson garnered in this extraordinary year.

TTWCA Strategic Plan 2019-2020
TTWCA Strategic Plan 2019-2021

This is our inaugural multi-year strategic plan. It sets out the association’s priorities over the two-year period and will also greatly inform our subsequent strategic plans in our joint quest to safeguard the Tsavo ecosystem for the benefit of all.