Improved Governance and Management Our ability to achieve landscape-level impact in the long-term rests on strengthening the governance systems and management capacity of our members. Focus Areas TTWCA governance and policy programme promotes participation, accountability, transparency in decision-making processes and equitable benefit sharing. It does this through three overarching focus areas. 01. Systems Support member … Continue reading Governance and Policy

Coordinated and Collaborative Land Management Taita Taveta is known for its ranches, wildlife corridors important to the conservation of the greater Tsavo ecosystem and its richness in not just culture but also water bodies (rivers, springs and the likes of Lake Jipe, Lake Chala, Njoro springs, Mzima springs and River Lumi are all part of … Continue reading Rangelands Management

Improve and Secure Land Under Conservation TTWCA supports the conservation of the admirably diverse wildlife found in the Tsavo landscape: from the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and the largest population of the African Elephant in Kenya) to multiple endangered and endemic species, such as the Taita Thrush that exists nowhere else on earth. … Continue reading Wildlife Conservation

Community Livelihoods The local communities play a vital role in the effective, long-term success of land and natural resources management. Focus Areas The TTWCA Livelihoods programme focuses on ensuring that the local community derives direct livelihood benefits from conservation-related enterprises across the Tsavo landscape.  01. Grow Ecotourism The programme supports the local community to design … Continue reading Community Livelihoods