TTWCA in collaboration with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is implementing the project: Creating Value for Wildlife and People in the Tsavo Landscape, funded by TUI Care Foundation.

The project, carried out through the TUI Wildlife programme, aims to build a sustainable tourism sector within the conservancies through the development of a tourism circuit plan.

This ideal safari circuit to tour the Tsavo landscape runs through over eight conservancies. It entails numerous attractive destinations such as the Taita and Kasigau Hills, community, and cultural centers, as well water recreational centers.

The development of the tourism circuit plan aims to map out tourism stakeholders in Tsavo conservancies to:

  • Improve their visibility
  • Asses their tourism supply and current market opportunities
  • Create an enabling environment for businesses for sustainable development
  • Create action plans towards developing signature experience

TTWCA has the role of catalyzing development through the provision of an enabling environment so that the local communities, ranches, and conservancies within its jurisdiction can manage land, conserve wildlife, and improve livelihoods through sustainable wildlife conservation and management of natural resources.

Tourism has been identified as a core strategic thrust for improving livelihoods and social economics.

Project Partner

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is an Africa-based global conservation organization protecting wildlife and their habitats as essential parts of a modern and prosperous Africa. AWF promotes African-led conservation, focusing on solutions that create opportunity for people—not at the expense of wildlife and their habitats, but because of them.