RISE aims to advance gender equity and prevent gender-based violence (GBV) within the Tsavo landscape, with a primary focus on conservancies; currently within Kasigau Conservancy. It further aims to enhance TTWCA’s institutional capacity.

This project is funded by USAID, and TTWCA is collaboratively implementing it in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA).

Key activities include:

  • Challenging detrimental social-cultural norms in Kasigau through regular community dialogues facilitated by Social Analysis and Action (SAA)
  • Enhancing gender-inclusive coordination mechanisms at the landscape level
  • Advocating for gender responsive policies and laws
  • Facilitating gender technical working groups
  • Reinforcing TTWCA’s capacity in mainstreaming gender and GBV prevention
  • Conducting quarterly SAA dialogues
  • Empowering women to engage meaningfully in decision-making across conservancies and the landscape

Project Partner

Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is the national membership umbrella body of community and private conservancies in Kenya. KWCA convenes and coordinates conservancies through landscape-level regional associations: an approach that strengthens bottom-up wildlife governance and facilitates the organic growth of local conservancy organizations.

Video: USAID RISE Challenge Project