Taita Taveta, Kenya, September 18, 2023 TTWCA has engaged the services of a consultant to develop a Tourism Circuit Plan.

This move is part of our Creating Value for Wildlife and People of Tsavo, Kenya Project funded by TUI Care Foundation in collaboration with African Wildlife Foundation.

The consultancy set out to understand the dynamic tourism nature in the landscape by conducting a stakeholder engagement meeting with the different TTWCA member conservancies.

This Tourism Circuit Plan will cover Mgeno Conservancy, Taita Wildlife Conservancy, Maungu Ranch, Kasigau Conservancy, Choke Conservancy, Lumo Conservancy, Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Lake Jipe Conservancy and Teita Sisal Estate.

A tourism circuit is a route with at least three major tourist destinations located—not in the same area but at the same time, not separated by long distance.

The circuit improves the tourist experience by providing the visitors with attractions and experiences of all the destinations located on the circuit, providing defined entry and exit points. This in turn increases the total number of visits to all destinations on the circuit.

The consultants ventured into the famous Taita Hills, exploring the tranquil shores of Lake Jipe and the wonders of Lumo Conservancy, Lions Bluff Lodge, Taita Hills Sanctuary, Hildana Lodge and more.

Themes Unveiled

The interaction with the Taita Taveta conservancies unveiled a number of themes and insights:

Up next for the consultant is to meet with tourism experts and then craft interim reports indicating the costs associated with our tourism nodes.

A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is also being developed as we inch closer to the final action plan.

The ultimate goal of this undertaking is to deliver meaningful experiences for both local and international tourists while fostering sustainable tourism and conservation initiatives in Tsavo.