Shaping the tourism industry in the Tsavo landscape

As we continue to implement the TUI Care Foundation funded project, “Creating Value for wildlife and people of Tsavo, Kenya” collaboratively with African Wildlife Foundation, we have engaged an experienced consultant to develop a Tourism Circuit Plan. Due to the dynamic nature of the tourism industry, the consultancy conducted a stakeholder engagement meeting by bringing

TTWCA bulletin’s latest issue is out now

The latest TTWCA Bulletin issue of our newsletter is now available.  Find out what we have been up to in the first half of 2023. This is the fourth edition of the TTWCA Bulletin. As usual, we’d be delighted to hear what you think of it, so please email your feedback to us via info@ttwcakenya.com. To download

Building conservation champions through community engagement.

Community Sensitization

Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association dedicated its efforts towards creating environmental awareness in the scenic village of Zongwani, nestled within Teri B in Sagalla Ward, Taita Taveta County. This village lies adjacent to Teri B Community Land and the recently gazetted Mgeno Wildlife Conservancy. The community sensitization meeting held by TTWCA, in partnership with IFAW,

A Journey to a Resilient Future

School Outreach

After the success of the school outreach programs in Gideon-Mosi and Makwasinyi Primary Schools, the Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservation Association (TTWCA) conducted yet another exciting session of conservation education at Kambito Primary School in Mbololo Ward. This initiative aims to shape the future and present of conservation by instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in

The Journey of sustainable empowerment

TTWCA in partnership with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is implementing a TUI Care Foundation funded project, “Creating Value for Wildlife and People in Tsavo, Kenya”. This project is aimed at empowering local communities through engagement in climate-smart agriculture, and diversified livelihood opportunities that leverage on the tourism industry, tied with the provision of water for

Conservancies forge partnerships with investors to boost biodiversity and livestock investments

Public Private sector engagement.

TTWCA member conservancies and potential investors gathered in a meeting to discuss ways to invest in livestock production and biodiversity conservation in conservancies/ranches. The Taita Taveta conservancies are known for their rich biodiversity both flora and fauna. The primary objective of the meeting was to explore ways in which biodiversity and livestock investments could be

TTWCA’s latest newsletter is out now


The January 2023 issue of our newsletter is now available.  Find out what we were up to in the second half of 2022 and what we are looking ahead to in 2023, all in this third edition of the TTWCA Bulletin. As usual, we’d be delighted to hear what you think of it, so please email

TTWCA publish mid-year newsletter

TTWCA have published their July newsletter, updating members, partners and donors on their recent activities, projects and growth. The association has experienced immense growth in the past two years that necessitated the formation of a secretariat and most recently, the appointment of its first-ever CEO: Alfred Mwanake. The growing team remains thankful to all the

TTWCA appoints its first CEO, Alfred Mwanake

Alfred Kirigha Mwanake

In June 2022, Alfred Mwanake was appointed as the first Chief Executive Officer of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association. TTWCA is a nonprofit conservation organization founded in 2013 to coordinate the community-led conservation efforts of Taita Taveta conservancies and to support the establishment of new conservancies. Mwanake will be in charge of the TTWCA

TTWCA to enter MOU with county government

The ‘heart’ of Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association is to engage and collaborate with partners and stakeholders in the Tsavo Landscape, most notably the Taita Taveta county government, to create the synergy required for sustainable development and a suitable climate for investment to improve the livelihoods of communities. To stay on track, TTWCA and the