Taita Taveta, Kenya, July 25, 2022 – TTWCA and the trade, livestock and environment departments of the Taita Taveta county government finalized the development of Memorandums of Understanding.

This will formalize the working relationship between the two and streamline the duo’s collective effort towards exploring and nurturing the county’s tremendous potential in community-led conservation.

While streamlining the MoU with the trade department, TTWCA chairman Donald Mcharo complimented the accomplishments that TTWCA has had thus far with the county government, particularly the Livestock department, thanks to collective efforts from both sides.

“This collaboration will ensure that both the county government and TTWCA achieve their goals and objectives of ensuring that the tourism sector nurtures and contributes to revenue streams for the county as well as the Taita Taveta conservancies.”

 – Donald Mcharo, TTWCA Chairman

Trade executive Daniel Mwakisha, present during the discussion, pointed out that there was a need for more suchlike strategic efforts in the tourism and cooperative sectors because they have been disregarded for a long time.

He praised the Incoming TTWCA CEO, Alfred Mwanake, for his hard work and pledged the department’s complete support.

TTWCA took the opportunity to address the concerns of private sector engagements aimed at developing tourism in the county, with CEO Mwanake pointing out that TTWCA had created a tourism map that captures points of interest from Taveta to Miasenyi.

“There are numerous areas where the county administration and TTWCA can collaborate to improve the livelihoods of the people of Taita Taveta,” Mwanake said.

“This relationship would provide more direct and real livelihood benefits to the community and the staff of the conservancies and ranches,” he added.

With only 16 ranches and conservancies participating in the REDD+ project, there is a tremendous opportunity for expanding earnings, particularly through tourism.

The MoU was finalized and presented to the county secretary for signing by the governor. 

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