Improved Governance and Management

Our ability to achieve landscape-level impact in the long-term rests on strengthening the governance systems and management capacity of our members.

Focus Areas

TTWCA governance and policy programme promotes participation, accountability, transparency in decision-making processes and equitable benefit sharing. It does this through three overarching focus areas.

Support member conservancies and ranches to:

  1. Create awareness, develop and implement land-use and management plans  and continuously review their internal organizational structures and procedures
  2. Address gaps in the organizational structures and procedures
  3. Work towards a fully operational Tsavo research hub

Support the management teams of our member conservancies and ranches to:

  1. Undergo the Leadership and Management Programme (LAMP), develop and implement management plans and land use plans
  2. Carry out research and knowledge management to influence policy direction and programming policy direction

Support an increase in the participation of members in conservancy-level decision-making processes. This includes:

  1. Empowering women, youth and Person Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) to take up active roles in conservancy governance and management
  2. Assisting members to develop and adopt benefit-sharing guidelines